Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

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Do You Offer A Lift Home?2024-03-23T11:03:25+00:00

Of course, when you drop your car off ask a member of staff amd we will happily give you a lift back to work or home. We will then pick you back up when your vehicle is ready.

Do You Offer Car Collection?2024-03-23T11:01:39+00:00

Yes we do, contact us to arrange for us to pick up your car.

How Much Is A Service?2024-03-12T20:50:11+00:00

Up to 1.6 is from £95.  Up to 2.0 is from £110.  Over 2.0 is from £130.

How long does an MOT take?2024-03-14T11:00:27+00:00

Our MOT’s take 45 minutes. You are welcome to wait with us while we complete your MOT.

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